Production and standards

Grona production and standards. Quality, brilliant taste and safety!

production and standarts

Grona production uses the best automated lines to manufacture only top-quality, light and healthy cookies for our consumers. We were the first in Ukraine to try and put into operation good Swiss equipment to produce our yummy things for you. Our production grows and widens year by year. Ukrainians fell in love with our cookies, and we, in return for your love and trust, do our best to produce even more kinds of delicious and light sweet snacks for you to have a healthy bite.

Detailed information about our production:

Our products are made under strict control at all stages of the process starting from preparation of ingredients and making dough, and ending with packing of ready products. We thoroughly control the quality of flour, yeast, sugar and other components, as their characteristics must comply with the national hygienic norms completely. We control condition of our equipment – it must be ideal. We also control health condition of our personnel and guarantee compliance with sanitary norms in our workshops

All equipment installed at the production facilities complies with the latest introduced international and Ukrainian standards of quality and safety.

Our products conform to all standards of quality and sanitation standards.

Our certificates and other confirming documents:

  • 1. Grona was certified according to HACCP international system. ISO 22000:2005 certificate confirms full compliance of our company work with the international standards of food safety management.
  • 2. FSSC 22000 certificate confirms compliance with the international standards of product safety. Grona works in full conformance to the standards of the said international system. This system enables us to control globally the product safety at all levels. For Grona, this approach is one of effective tools intended for business management, which links production of reliably safe products with other business processes with the company.
  • 3. Our products are certified for so-called ‘Eurasian compliance’. Grona has obtained from EAC system the relevant confirming documents, as well as the declarations of compliance with the Regulations of the Customs Union.
  • 4. Safety and Health Certificate is obtained from Ukrainian system of sanitary-epidemiological expertise in order to confirm compliance of our products with the sanitation standards of Ukraine.

Grona takes care of your safety and health.

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